Casting Call

Mixed Results

We've just finished our first silver cast and wanted to share the results with you here :

"Mother of Pearl"
The picture shows the cast in it's raw, blemished state.  The face is almost gone , but the details on the headdress have come out quite well .  This is mainly because of the resin print not being cured enough in the uv oven.

"Fleshpearl" and "Undertow"
These pieces have come out pretty good, largely because they are thinner and don't need that much curing.

This art-deco inspired piece has kept all the detail from the original sculpt and is definitely our best result.

Casting our pieces is proving to be a major learning curve  and it turns out that post-curing our 3d printed pieces is a key ingredient, in order to get clean and detailed silver casts. But we're definitely getting better and all in all we're pretty happy with these first results.

Stay tuned for more!.