Always in search of new and better ways to showcase our work and interact with our clients, we came across the "sketchfab" site, which offers an amazing new way to publish 3D content to the web.

Not only does it use a top of the range realtime render engine to show of our pieces in the best possible light, but it also has a very intuitive navigation interface that allow you to get  up close and personal with our jewelry pieces.

And while we like the fact that the technology is so open and gives users complete access to the models, it is also it's main flaw.  Because you have to publish your models to their website, there is no real way to protect them from being downloaded and copied, which in the case of jewelry pieces is a free license for others to print out and cast our handcrafted, uniquely designed pieces.

So for now we'll probably use it internally or to share work in progress with our clients.  And just to give you a taste of what is possible using the sketchfab tools here's a 3D view of one of our pieces that didn't make the collection.

These pieces didn't make it beyond the concept phase, but if enough people like them, we'll definitely have another look.  Drop us a line and have fun!