2D Illustration

Illustrated books and picture books have a rich tradition ranging from moody black and white engravings to delicate and whistful watercolor to rich pastels and rendered crayon.  We want to  stay faithful to that rich tradition and draw inspiration from it.  For our own stories we pick whatever technique fits best and when we collaborate on a projects, we like to explore visual and narrative solutions until we find which one fits best.


There is an established language to 2D illustrations.  A language that can be very intricate and detailed pen and ink work to broad stroke felt pens and watercolor washes.  The picture book is a high wire act of juggling  shapes and silhouettes, a wild animal number  of caged colors and strong values or a seesaw double bill of crazy angles  and flashing lights.  All of it framed, highlighted and introduced by the written word, the dialogue and proseā€¦  the  ringmasters of this crazy circus.



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