3D Illustration

With digital books we can add another dimension to the illustration.  In the illustration we have a fixed point of view into the storyworld.  If we create our storyworld in 3d, modeling and lighting the different characters, props, buildings and landscapes that make up the scene, we are free to show any viewpoint we care to choose.


Once we've done the extra work of creating  all the miniature models, we can reuse them again and again, making small changes where necessary.  We can play around with the lighting or look from different vantage points, until we get just the picture we want.


3D illustrations give us a lot of freedom and gives us a lot of things for free : the right perspective, posable figures or realistic lighting and shadows.  But  Ii can also get very technical very quickly and has a look and feel that is harder to stylize, as you can with paper and paint.



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