Oddbody is a creature shop, a motion capture and previs studio and an independent publisher of interactive books.  Our key areas of expertise and interest are creature design, 3D modeling and printing, performance driven animation, and hands on previsualisation solutions.


We have the  professional experience to deliver within a larger production environment where we  focus on what we do best, but  we also love to work on smaller, independent projects, where we help can help shape the content, innovate and acquire new skills.



Oddbody uses whatever tools a project requires, ranging from open source software to custom in-house tools and off the shelf solutions.  We would love to hear more about your project and look forward to seeing what we can do for you.


1 Rue des Faisians, 4347 Fexhe-Le Haut-Clocher

0032-(0)4352617 / e1_scheer@hotmail.com