Crocodile Tears


Crocodile Tears is a digital fairy tale, a whirlwind of images and characters set in the Mali savannah.


Izogie is a young man with his head in the clouds. He spends his days riding his ostrich across the red savannah, that stretches round his village as far as the eye can see.  He doesn't work the family field like his father or older brothers but dreams instead of travelling beyond the horizon on his ostrich and discovering the world.


The only thing he owns is a gris-gris, which he found on the bottom of the dried up lake. He is convinced the magical piece of jewellery round his neck will lead him to discover other treausure. And when harvest time comes and his brothers fall ill, it's Igazie who will propose to carry the goods all the way to the "piponpupa market", far beyond the horizon.


He sets off, his heart filled with hope but will encounter on his way all the things his brothers have warned him about and he will eventually come face to face with the giant crocodile, who could not stop crying …


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