You would think that this is where the story ends, but you would be only partly right.Because where the written story ends, your own interpretation of it begins.  Or in the case ofan interactive story, that's where your story starts.


There is a lot of sides to interactivity and most people will associate interactivity with video games and multiple storylines.  At oddbody we believe in putting an original story out there, with a well defined point of view and emotional highs and lows.  We want to reader to experience the story  from the hero's point of view, but in tune with the author's vision.


A first reading might give you the rollercoaster ride where you feel the thrill and experience the sights.  An interactive book can allow you to discover other levels to the reading and throw your net larger than if you were only looking for the story plot.  It motivates the reader to explore the character's backstory or experience the drama from another perspective.




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