Interactivity plays into the reading through the story beats.  Each medium has it's own way of structuring and timing these story beats.  With traditional books you folow the story, but you can put down the book or take a break from it as you  prefer.  In a  comic book  your eyes can skip to the next image in the story or turn the page when you want to.It's in the timing of the story beats that the drama finds its footing and changes it's stride.


Giving the reader the opportunity to sound some of those beats, make them linger or  repeat the beats gvies the reader the opportunity to influence the emotional impact of the story.  And even though the outcome of the story will remain the same, how the reader comes out of the reading experience can be very different.


Oddbooks aims to give emotional depth to the characters and the storyline by building in key interactive moments that  resonate, moments that are shared with the reader in a way that makes the experience unique and meaningful.


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