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Forget Me Not is our first  home-grown interactive children's book.


... Martha, a traveller girl is happy to roam the irish countryside until she falls in love with  Theodore, a farmer's boy.  At first Martha believes the people,who they tell her that such a love will never be, but then she finds Celia, the village teacher, who reveals to  her   another world, a world of faeries, where love reigns and wishes come true...


The story is set in a victorian times, a golden age of children's books, when faeries roamed the countryside and nature spirits still managed to hide from humans, their butterfly nets, their eyeglasses and magic lanterns.


The discovery of the camera and it's silver cristals growing dark in the light also sounded the end of the age of faeries.  Or as louis jacques daguerre, the inventor of modern photography, liked to claim :


I have caught the light, I have arrested it's flight


Faeries only appear in the eye of the beholder and will fade away if you try and box them in or cpin them to a picture.  They can only be drawn on paper by human hand, with pencil, paint or pen

Forget me not will whisk you off your feet, back  to victorian days  to reveal a world, where everything is not what it seems and you are the one that believes in faeries.


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