Books are a treasure trove of adventure and high drama, but they are also an important source of learning.  By seeing the world from a different perspective we find out more about ourselves and the world around us.  Even though books are traditionally a source of knowledge and learning, there has always been a clear distinction between fiction and non-fiction, literature and learning.


Digital books, as well as being a literary experience or having an educational purpose can be both.

Not just in a formal way, but in a structural way.  Our own world war I project, Lena is a good example of this.  The story is an engaging one, set against a backdrop of the first world war and shows the horror and humanity that is in all of us.


The book can be read as such but scattered amongst the debris and the drama, we can build in an extra level of factual information about the first world war that will inform the reader, curious about the time and place in which the story is set at his own leasure and in a way that suits their needs.


Maybe they want to read the whole story and then go back to revisit the facts, or maybe they want the real world pictures to blend in with the author's illustrations.  Digital books allow you to create your own unique way of experiencing the story or learn about the subject matter and the themes that make up the book.




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