This animated graphic novel is set against the first world war.  It tells of the caravan of death, that invaded the old continent and laid waste to it's countryside, the people  trying to grow a crop from the bloodied earth and  the soldiers caught in the trenches.


Lena is a young flemish  girl caught in the middle of this war she did not ask for and doesn't understand.  It turns her life and that of her loved ones up in the air and it is only when she meets Jan and  the circus,passing  through the village that she finds kindred souls.  She decides to join them and  finds within the ramshackle group of outcasts, deserters  and performers, the shelter  and  humanity, she so desperately needs.


The book is inspired by the paintings of Hugo Kempeneer, an accomplished artist and illustrator, who has always been fascinated by this period in history and wants to bring to life  his graphic, colorful and grotesque paintings into a unique blend of text, animation and sound.


While based in fact and providing background information, pictures and letters from the period, Lena is first and foremost a fasinicating story, a challenging and redemptive experience, that will turn your view on the first world war upside down.


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