The picture book is the quintessential children's book.  Even before they can read, children love to have a story read to them or flip the pages as they watch the  narrative unfolds. They don't see the page as a boundary, but as an entry way into a world where everything is an adventure but vaguely familiar at the same time.


Picture books in particular are having a bit of a renaissance.  It is children that have picked up on the potential of the digital book, taking to the tablets we have discarded to discover old stories told in a surprisingly new ways or new stories that explore new ground or even tell their own stories.


They are willing to jump in and don't care about the mechanics.  If it was handdrawn or modeled, animated or filmed, handwritten or cast in type.  They instictively trust that a  picture book has its own rules and flow . It is in the combination of words and images that their own inner sense of wonder is revealed.


But picture books are also for adults ... more text



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