Rainbow Bug



Rainbow Bug


Rainbow Bug is the story of an autistic kid and a miniature dog who become the oddest of friends as they make their way through Bug City , a wondrous , colorfull world of electronic bugs hiding beneath digital screens of all sizes.  Rainbow bug is a coloring book for dogs, a slam poetry reading , and  a dazzling show, all neatly bundled into an app that plays on any device.

Put on a Show


Rainbow Bug is our first interactive digital book using digital puppets and our own unique blend of original animation, stylish graphics and surprising storyline.  Ever wanted to have your kids perform a story rather than having it read to them. Maybe you even want to join in.  We've combined our expertise from video games, cinema and interactive fiction to create a unique experience the whole family can enjoy




In our search for a technology that could bring our oddshow vision to life, we looked far and wide, but eventually settled on tigercreate, a powerful and elegant solution that brings just the right mix of tools and imagination to the ever growing field of interactive children's books.  We are currently working on migrating our story to this new exciting platform and are very close to having things ready for our next step ...




To help make this project happen we're planning to launch a kickstarter pitch this coming november, aimed at kids, parents and everyone young at heart, that wants to come along for the ride and have a go at telling and performing a story in a completely new way.




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