Traditional picture books have limited dialogue as part of the text or simple sound icons as part of the image.  Digital books can add other elements to the mix like text balloons and dialogue boxes, which are more frequently used in comics and graphic novels.  The can become part of the visual grammar of the book and add the the look and feel of the story.


Ebooks and Ibooks are able to  animate these word  so they become a dynamic part of the story, suggesting volume or tone of voice, fading dialogue in and out to avoid visual clutter.  There are as many solutions as there are stories, and each story can require a unique approach.


Who can remember movies before the arrival of sound?  Most picture books refer back to the days was absent from a story or only came into it's own when read out loud by a parent or a sibling.

The spoken word can be a real asset to convey character and a subtle soundtrack or sound effects can really add to the drama and impact of a scene.


Digital books offer the best of both worlds and allow us to blend a written version of the story with all the other sound elements that can help bring a conversation or a scene to life.


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