The text of the story is it's first guise.  Writing is something we do instinctively to help us remember an idea, make a promise or share a dream.  The words on the page weave their web and catch our attention, casting a spell on our own imagination.  They are the seeds from which the stories grow.


We try to catch our own stories on a scrap of paper , so we can flesh it out later with lines of dialogue and the odd scribble.  And if the story really takes root, it will lead to small drawings and illustrtaions, suggesting characters and scenes that play out in our imagination and then onto the page or screen.


But it always starts off with an idea written down as we watch it take off or land on the edge of the pen.  These steps have a natural flow to them and help shape the story into something real.


Even if we catch glimpses of it first in a half remembered dream, a distant memory or something we noticed in the corner of our eye, it is in telling it to someone else or writing it down, that we keep it from shapeshifting and recognise it's meaning.



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