Scanning and Printing


Whatever the starting point, be it real world or computer graphics, we believe it is important to keep the link that binds them.  That's why we want to add a few solutions to the mix  get the best of both worlds;


It is now possible to switch between  analog and digital versions of your character or creature, at key steps of the design.  This means we can sculpt or create your model in a medium you  are familiar with and then digitize or scan  it into the computer, using  a variety of techniques.


We can also do it the other way roundto create a work in progress

or a final copy of your model using a 3D printing tools and services.  This

means you can hold a physical copy of your character in your hand at any

stage of the design and creation process.


At larger scales we can reinterpret a computer graphics design into the real world using traditional sculpting materials, fabric, paper or wood.  Basically anything we can get our hands on.


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