Ever since I was a kid I've been fascinated by imaginary characters, creatures and monsters and what it would be like, if they inhabited the real-world.


Who hasn't dreamt of creatures hiding in the closet and under the bed, of elves roaming the woods and aliens flying above the clouds.  These creatures inhabit our imagination and kindle our  sense of wonder.


For me there is a special magic in dreaming up characters, creating

them and interacting with them, as if they were real.  With the advent of new technologies like motion capture, previsualisation and 3D modeling, we can now pretty much create and breathe life into anything our imagination dares to dream up.


These groundbreaking technologies are now a lot more affordable and accessbile and could  be a part of your project, even without a hollywood budget.


I have worked as a professional  in the entertainment  industry

for the last fifteen years as well as dabbled in puppetry, mime and juggling. I've also been lucky enough to be a part of some amazing, ambitious projects.  I now want to use this experience and these skills,to bring to life the characters and creatures that inhabit your imagination.


Have a sketch or a doodle or just the spark of an idea? At oddbody we would love to hear what characters you have dreamt up and how we can help make them real.



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