Concept and Design


The first step in visualising a character is to come up with a coherent design.This design is unique to every project and should flow from the story or world the character  inhabits.

From paper to plasticine, from fabric and stitches to polygons and textures, creatures can come to life in many different ways, but they all go through a first phase of design.

This phase is very important and aims to capture on paper, in clay or on the screen the essential elements that make it unique. It is an essential step, whatever the end result may be :  a mask or costume, a video game hero or a wooden marionette, a 2D modelsheet  or 3D sculpture , ready for printing.

We can help you design your character in a step by step process,from a  traditional hand-drawn design to a final render and iterating this process several times, until we get to a point where you are happy with how it looks and feels  We believe iterative design is the best way for a coherent, effective and engaging character to reveal itself.

So get in touch and (We can help you) make that first step towards a company mascot, a web avatar, a movie monster or any other character you want us to come up with.

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