Masks, Costumes and Accessories


At Oddbody we have experience with costumes, masks, stage puppets, television puppets and a whole host of weird and wonderful creatures made from wood, paper, felt, latex or any other material you can think of.


We can also help if your project needs digital or real world prosthetics.

and requires you to add creature elements to a live actor or performer.


It could be a tentacle , scaled fingers,  alien headwear or a strange prop, a giant nose or bulging eyes.  These elements can be the missing piece in creating a convincing character and can help convey the drama of the scene or the psychology of a character.


Some of these services we can create in-house.  For other effects, we can rely on a network of partners to help achieve the result you are after.  For us the most important is to be a one stop creature shop, able to give you an overall solutionto design and create your character.

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