Digital Puppet Research


Digital puppets can do almost everything a real world puppet can and a lot more that a real puppet can't.  Imagine puppeteering a tree or a flock of birds, or an army of ants walking up a hillside.


It could be a video clip, or a stage show, a dance piece or a carnival  attraction, a children's television show character or a virtual trade show host.


We offer different  solutions for different budgets and will tailor fit a setup that works for your project. If you have a crazy idea that we haven't thought of, we would love to hear it, as we love a challenge and are constantly experimenting with new setups in our own puppet lab.


Digital Puppets

The puppet above was performed using a kinect camera and a simple physics based puppet.  The skeleton you see in the background is one of the LivingStories crew and allows you to see how the creature is puppeteered.  These videos are a proof of concept and allow us to explore different kinds of puppets and different input devices.  We have a lot more prototypes like this, so please get in touch if you want to see more ...

With this puppet we wanted to test how far you could push the physics driven objects.  In this case the ostrich and the rider are both puppeteered from a single handle in the bird rider's neck.  All the secondary motion is physics driven.  Next time we'll  add the sound of an african drum .


For this example we wanted to test a simple traditional puppet rod control for the arm and just because we can we chose to string some balls together for the arms, something that would be trickier to do in the real world.

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