Performance Animation


There is lots of different ways to bring your static model to life.

We have experience in more traditional ways of animation like

stop-motion, keyframing and rotoscoping, but over the years we

have specialised in acting out or interacting with our characters

in  real-time , jsut as you would on a film set, a theater stage

or in a video game.


Our main area of focus is capturing human motion and we use a

blend of tools and techniques to achieve this.  Basically, what this

allows us to do, is give you a easy, hands on way to perform your

character and direct him as if he was an actor you had hired for

the role.


These industry proven techniques used to require a large budet

and were reserved to high profile projects.  With time these tools

have now become cheaper and more accessible, to a point where

they  offer  a valid solution for projects with  smaller budgets or a

more experimental  or artistic  approach.



There are numerous techologies available for capturing a person's body motion. Which one is right for your project depends on your budget, how accurate you need your data to be, how many performers you want to capture simultaneously, the size of your virtual stage etc.  And frequently more than one type will be used throughout the lifecyle of a project.


We would love  to see how our  motion capture experience and skills can make these solutions work for your character or project

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