Models and Armatures

Once the original design is complete, we can take the next steps towards

the final version of your character.  If you are looking to make the character

part of a book, article or brochure we can supply you with the final bitmaps.


We can also help you design a character in three dimensions, in the real world as a plaster, plasticine, wood, fabric or "papier mache" model or digitally using 3D computer graphics, by scanning the real world character or modeling it from scractch on the computer, complete with color, surface detail, hair, clothing and accessories.


If you need an animation ready character for a movie, game or a website

we can rig the character using  armatures, muscles, facial expressions,

skin and eyes.


As we flesh out the design, we ake sure you approve each step : from the

broad strokes right up to the details of your finished model. We can then save out the model in the format of your choice.


"TABU"  Cast


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