Motion Editing


While capturing the data is an important first step in playing the characters and creates the underlying performance , it only reaches it's full potential in how it fits into the final result.


It takes a trained eye and a subtle hand  to map the captured data onto thefinal character, hand fix any tracking errors and filter the original data.


Once that's done the performance then needs to be integrated into the scene, making sure there are no intersections, filling in any missing gaps in the data and making sure the character interacts with the rest of it's environment in a coherent and a believable way.


By adding layers of motion to the raw data we can help finesse and augment it.  Even if your actor can only jump so high , we can edit the motion later  to make him jump a lot higher.


This part of the work will give a level of quality to the finished result that will allow the viewer or player to suspend their disbelief.  The amount of motion editing will vary from project to project and the result you are looking for.



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