Performance Animation

Motion is what brings stories to life and it's what we believe is at the heart of enjoying a story as an experience.  For the magic to work and come to life you need to get involved, by rolling up your sleeves and having a go, by touching the screen or tapping your fingers, by nodding your head or talking out loud.


And for those willing to give it a go, you could get up and get the full experience, by shaking those hips or moving your feet to the beat.


We have a lot of experience when it comes to tracking people's motion and once we have that data we know how to interpret and integrate it in subtle and creative ways.


Have you ever watched a puppet come to life in front of your eyes and wonder why it acts and feels as if it is real?  Where it was a lifeless thing lying on the table, before you picked it up, it becomes a living thing as soon as you pick it up and get involved.


That's what is at the heart of our approach to capturing motion and making the imaginary real.


We have worked on all types of capture from high end facial capture for blockbuster movies using the latest high camera systems, to developing bespoke image tracking systems for research applications.  We know what each technical solution can provide and at what cost, so we can help you choose the right solution to tell your story.


We have a particular passion for small scale or what we call 'TableTop' motion capture.  So come with an open mind as to what might be the right kind of motion to best express your characters' character.


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