Picture It !


What's a character without a story?

When visualising a creature, the first thing you  do is to build up a background story for him.  Where did he go to school , does he have brothers or sisters, what is her favorite food, what is their strongest memory.  This weaving of context and subtext helps root the character and give it depth.


We care about stories almost as much as we do about characters and just as we like tosketch a character out on paper before creating it,so too do we like to map out a story in time and space so we get a feel for it.  The techniques used to achieve  this fall under the general header of previsualisation and can help a performance or narrative based project in several ways :


What the previz is that?

Pre-visualisation is like taking a shortcut.

if you know where you want to go but want to get an overall view of what the end  result will  look like, without getting lost in the detail,  previsualsation is a great tool.


Pre-visualisation helps you troubleshoot

if you have confidence in your project but want to find out what the possible pitfalls are on the road to making it happen.  Pre-visualisation helps you identify problems and issues in your project before they happenand before they cost you time and money.


Pre-visualisation helps you improvise

Pre-visualisation can even help you, if you haven't got a clear idea of what you are aiming for.  It creates a cheap, risk-free and liberating environment  for you to play around with options, explore different possibilities and outcomes and map them out into a coherent plan.


Pre-visualisation helps you plan

The end result can be sharp and clear in your  mind , but you can't quite identify or imagine all the necessary steps to get there.  Pre-visualisation helps you discover those steps and make the structure or underlying plan emerge from your original idea, in a organic and coherent way.


Pre-visualisation is the message

Pre-visualisation is an essential tool in many industries , but we've decided to focus our attention on helping visualise narrative.  Narrative can be any media content that aims to tell a story, deliver a  message or share an experience.  We aim to provide tools, know-how and support to help you visualise your story and bring your ideas to life.

Previz is a great way to visualise  ideas and make them real.


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