I am a CG creature artist, with a passion for motion, choreography and performance animation. My main 3D skills are previz, motion capture and motion editing. I am also proficient in character design and 3D modeling.


I was trained as an animator at the Royal Academy of Arts in Gent, where I had hands on experience with cell animation, object animation and live action.


I  have ten years working experience in the video games industry.  It has given me a feel for and an expertise in real time graphics and animation. It’s also given me the opportunity to work with high volume data and developing efficient animation pipelines.


Career Highlights


1989 - 1993

Student in classical animation at the royal academy of arts in Ghent, Belgium, a department headed by Raoul Servais

1993 - 1998

3D/2D Concept artist and Animator at "Appeal" on several arcade game titles and on Outcast : a triple AAA voxel based PC Game  that made the cover of edge magazine in june 1998 and won multiple industry awards


Responsable for setting up and managing an in-house motion capture studio for Funcom Studios in Oslo, Norway
I was also an animator and 3D artist on "The Longest Journey" a critically acclaimed and popular puzzle adventure game.


I joined Weta Digital, where I was part of of the core motion capture team on the Lord of the Rings trilogy and King Kong.


Senior Motion-Capture Animator on the cutscenes and in-game animation for Manhunt and Grand Theft Auto IV.


Senior Animator and 3D Art Director at Digital Graphics on the oscar nominated, animated film Brendan and the secret of Kells and several other movie projects


Head of digital puppetry research at Softkinetic, an innovative gesture tracking software company in Belgium.


Co-founder of LivingStories, a creative cooperative with a unique take on interactive, narrative  projects and digital puppetry.


I’ve been working in the SFX and  VFX industry for the last nine years, where I’ve had the  opportunity to learn and develop my 3D and animation skills.


My feature film projects have allowed me to focus on high end creatures and very detailed motion.


1 Rue des Faisians, 4347 Fexhe-Le Haut-Clocher

0032-(0)4352617 / e1_scheer@hotmail.com