An awfully big adventure!

Butterfly Hunt_Characters

At Oddgrain we share an affinity for butterflies and other winged creatures.  We will chase any insect for that matter, and wonder at it's beauty, stare at it's delicate wings or antlers  and listen to it's small but wild beating heart. And as we watch it fly off again, we feel our spirits lift and then hurry back to the workshop, to try and capture  these tiny wonders of nature in silver, pixels and precious stones.



Torgeir can spin any thread or piece of fabric into a gown fit for a drag queen or a zombie costume sure to make audiences shriek with horror.

Over the years he has developed a keen eye for detail and design as well as a flair for picking up trends and fashions.  At oddgrain he  likes to sketch new pieces as well as take charge of the final spit and polish and  luxury packaging that are the hallmark of all our jewelry.



Iwan has been a busy bee, working for both film and videogames and has become a deft hand at all things digital.  From his pressure sensitive pen will flow the weirdest of winged creatures and the most fragile of flowers.
He loves to dive in and explore new ways of doing things and is known to wander around the fields looking for inspiration.