Joris Hoefnagel

1542, in Antwerp – 24 July 1601, inVienna


Joris Hoefnagel was a talented, local nature illustrator and miniaturist born in the city of Antwerp in the second part of thesixteenth century , about an hour's drive away from our own workshop.  His accurate and elegant drawings show an almost scientific interest in nature and during his lifetime Joris was an avid traveler, recording the fauna and flora around him for us to share five centuries later.

Small Miracles

His work is a constant inspiration for us and a reminder that we do not need to look much further than our own garden  to discover or rediscover the tiny miracles that surround us, the wildlife hidden within our concrete jungle.  And as the son of a wellknown jeweler in Antwerp he is "living" proof that the the natural world and the world of precious stones and metals are ever so closely entertwined.








At Oddgrain we love botanical illustration and it is an integral part of our own artistic progress as well as the design of all our jewelry pieces.  We run a monthly workshop for local artists at our in-house studio and exhibit our work to the public twice a year .  If you feel like a tour but can't make it to our home , why not drop by  and browse through our online gallery.

" They shall tell of thy wondrous works... "

" There are many things that are hidden from us, greater than these. "

" Let us not investigate God’s works but guided by the works, let us admire instead the artist. "