Lieutenant’s Heart


°Oh how fickle , the heart of a Lieutenant °

This curvaceous heart has been cast in solid sterling silver and finished in our dark earth patina.

It is about 5 cm tall and weights 47 grams

Lieutenant’s heart is the sister piece to Bleeding Hearts and together with a pair of earrings, the set is available at a special price

Lamprocapnos spectabilis or Bleeding Heart is the inspiration behind this piece. In Norwegian it is called “Løynantshjerte” which translate into Lieutenant’s Heart

As a child we would spend hours looking at how the flowers bobbed in the wind or how the due collected at the tip of the tiny hearts.

Peeling off the first layer of petals, a girl in white undergarments can be found -peel of the next layer of petals and you could find a bottle of Champagne.



how fickle